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Online Vault™ Backup

Online Vault Backup is a small yet powerful application that automatically backs up your important data to secure online servers and makes it possible for you to access your data on the go. Designate the data you want to back up, set it up for automatic backup and you’re done. You can rely on Online Vault Backup to keep your data 100% safe and secure.


We insist on keeping Online Vault Backup simple so that you can easily and safely back up your data. There is no confusing user interface and no complicated operations to perform.


Online Vault Backup lets you safely recover data using the same or any computer at any location. Just select the data to be recovered in your online account and click to transfer.


Back up only the files you want! Online Vault lets you back up music, pictures, important documents, even data from social networks including Facebook.

Online Vault Backup provides you with scheduled or automatic backups, file encryption during backup and storage, file restoration anytime and anywhere, a solid support community and knowledge base. Online Vault Premium gives you additional features like data mirroring which guarantees data availability, access to the application without advertising, telephone and online support and 30GB or more of online storage.