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Secure Your Data!

Small yet powerful application that automatically backs up all your important data to secure servers and makes it possible for you to access it on the go!

Store, share and backup your important files online, keeping them safe on secure servers that you can conveniently access from anywhere, anytime.

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Inbox Storage

Get your own private online cloud storage! Safely store your images, documents, music, and other files just like you would on your own computer and access your online storage from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Synchronize your online storage with a selected folder on your computer, attach stored files to your email messages with a single click and there’s much more…

Free Storage

Get free 2GB online storage that you can access from anywhere. Up to 30GB plans available that include enhanced daily backups.


Easily upload files to your cloud storage, rename them and create file folders. Download your files to any computer and attach files to emails.

Upload Multiple Files

Quickly upload multiple files at once whether copying files directly into an online folder or by using the synchronize folder feature.

Not only do you get cloud storage, but you also get useful tools like the highly rated free webmail service, photo sharing, organizer and task manager, email notifier, notes and more. All these powerful functions are packaged in a simple user interface.