November 21, 2011

PrimeSender Email Marketing

PrimeSender Email Marketing – A New Solution for Small Businesses

Newly launched PrimeSender makes professional email marketing easy for small businesses, organizations and nonprofits to use. Users rave about the simplicity of the user interface and the snazzy, professionally designed templates that are completely customizable allowing for a unique look to each email. Drag and drop features for text and images, choice of fonts and color selection, use of company logos and links make creating emails not only fun but with professional looking results as well.

High email deliverability rates are assured due to PrimeSender’s unique and powerful tools that boost email performance by ensuring that emails reach subscribers. Users of the service can easily check email performance statistics and tweak subsequent emails based on trends. Managing contact lists, subscribers and unsubscibers is a breeze. Easy Social Network integration allows for users to expand the reach of their messages to a much larger audience by automatically posting it to Twitter® and Facebook®. Users can rest assured knowing that expert customer support is just a call or click away in the event that they have any difficulty with using the service. Great rates for using PrimeSender make it the optimum email marketing solution for small businesses looking to expand their reach, stay in touch with subscribers and be more competitive within their market.